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Shop All-in-1 Janaab Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash For Men.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash Prevents sweating, cleans dust & removes skin-oil deeply, leaves smooth and silky skin. It’s unique fragrance and cooling effects make you feel fresh all day.

Janaab Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash For Men is prepared from carefully selected ingredients that stop the growth of pimples, acne, &  dark spots that makes your skin radiant and shimmering.

Product Info:

Skin has some unique properties. These include absorbing Vitamins & nutrients, flushing out sweat, and working as a guard. At the same time, skin gets affected by the dust, toxins and the Sun.

Janaab Facewash for Men is prepared by using the finest chemicals that are used as moisturizers, sun screen, soothers, cleansing agents and skin whiteners.

Janaab Face Wash is free from harh chemicals that may cause irritation on sensitive skin.


  • Janaab face wash thoroughly clears the dirt and protects the skin from getting damaged due to pollution.
  • This face wash kills bacteria and germs and protects the skin from infection.
  • Janaab face wash penetrates deep and opens the blockage in follicles.
  • It removes excess skin oil and provides a smooth texture.
  • This face wash contains ingredients that prevent premature death of the skin cell.
  • Janaab face wash for men also protects the skin from acne & pimples that may occur due to using a sub-standard shaving soap or shaving cream.
  • This face wash keeps the skin hydrated long after use and prevents dryness.
  • Janaab face wash thoroughly clears the dead cells sticking to the skin prevents foul odor or smell of sweating.
  • Maintains pH levels
Manufactured by: Bio Avenues
D-29, Industrial Focal Point,
Derabassi (PB.) – 140507, India
Mfg. Lic. No.: 143-Cos.-Pb.
Marketed by: Janaab Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
SCO 5-6, Wadhwa Nagar, Near Hotel SUnpark,
Kalka Highway, Zirakpur (Chandigarh),
Punjab, India

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Weight .11 kg

79 reviews for Janaab Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash

  1. jack

    I love the freshness of it, I think it does help in deep cleansing and it helps with my son acnes problem too.

  2. nifana

    Great for daily use


    Amazing one please try it…

  4. Akash Gangrade

    This face wash is really good for oily skin. It clears out the oil very efficiently and also makes the face very clean.

  5. Aditya

    Nice product

  6. Prayag

    The texture is so creamy nd claye and foam blends so well on the skin.Removes excess oil, dirt and clears the skin. After wash the smooth soft supple skin and gives a glow. Loved it loved it.

  7. Anas

    Use this product after confirming that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients

  8. Samina Salim

    I liked this product

  9. Manish Singh

    Nice product but price is too more

  10. Naveen

    Actually Good face wash… Worth one

  11. Babulal

    the product is very best

  12. Siddharth Chhabra

    This Facewash I’m using right now literally brightens my skin by taking out excess oil and dirt. It keeps my skin clean n clear. The amount-of facewash is good. The quality is good too.

  13. Suresh

    I started seeing the results from first week itself.. really nice product

  14. Monu Khan

    face wash is very good… because it not only cleans the blemishes etc. on the skin, but also whitens the face.

  15. Debajyoti Maity

    It’s good for dry skin also and very refreshing


    Good product.Good quantity.Feel good freshness

  17. Tej Kumar J

    Nice product from Janaab

  18. Pradeep Choudhary


  19. Radhe

    I use this product in summers only ‘coz it makes your skin supery dry and cleans and detox completely. For summers it’s perfect choice.

  20. Akshay R.

    This product is very good for oil skin. This is my 2nd order. I am sure I will order this agin.
    My skin is oily, with a 3minute wash 6hrs my skin stay as dry. Even if u use this wash ur skin with normal by 2hrs. Ok

  21. davinder singh

    good product

  22. Tarshem Goel


  23. Pujaya singh

    this product is soo good.

  24. Sanjay

    Dries the skin

  25. R. Chakraborty

    This facewash is extremely good for all skin types. Deeply cleanses away the fadeness of the skin making it soft and glowy.

  26. Razeen

    Brand so good

  27. Gajendra singh

    Suitable for oily skin n sensitive 👍

  28. Priyank Bhoyar

    It has been my go to facewash for quite a long time. It suits my dry and combination skin type.

  29. Sandy Sah

    I like this products

  30. Gaurav Singh

    This is one of the best facewash at a really decent price too. Apart from being pocket friendly it does the job it is meant for beautifully.

  31. Shadab

    This face wash is lovely for deep cleaning for sensitive skin n freshness too on my face.

  32. Ranger

    It is absolutely fine to everyone

  33. Poornachandrarao kaduri

    I liked

  34. Indra Ramprasanna

    Clean the face clearly and smooth finish in the skin.

  35. Rohit shukla

    It’s good for oily face

  36. Ayush Gupta

    Good foaming and good cleaning

  37. Karthik Ramesh

    Best product I’m using it for past three months

  38. Anush

    Good product

  39. Deep jain

    V.. Good face wash for oily skin..

  40. Sayib mehraj

    Product is nice

  41. Himanshu Sharma

    Been using it for quite sometime now. Like it

  42. Rony Das

    Value for money and very satisfied..

  43. Anuj Kr. Bharti

    Product is very good quality

  44. Anitha S

    Head side start pimples lightly
    Starting time skin nice
    Now not ok

  45. Venu


  46. krunal modi

    After using skin will glow and you can see changes on face

  47. Rammohan


  48. Kumar shantanu

    Better experience with this item. Really good product.

  49. vicky

    Good product

  50. Mr_ Shakib

    Superb quality

  51. Sabyasachi Tripathy

    Very good face wash without any side effects.Its very effective for blackhead and deep cleaning as contains Charcoal

  52. satyendra pipal

    I like it

  53. Radheshyam Morya

    Nice product

  54. Sayad Rashid


  55. Reen Gupta

    I am using this facewash few months. it’s better than others.

  56. Mohd yahiya

    Nice and good product

  57. Nabhasa

    Very good product

  58. waseem ahmad

    One of the best facewash for daily use.

  59. Venkana Gouda

    After wash it makes face oily

  60. Sunil suthar


  61. Ram

    It’s a king, just buy it and see the results

  62. Prashanth yadav

    Good product

  63. Amit Kumar

    Everything great

  64. awaheed

    GOOD item.

  65. Sabrin Rahman

    It’s an amazing Thing for deep cleaning.

  66. Yamini

    Received timely in good packing.
    Great product loved by my husband very long time..

  67. vimal gautam

    Nice and Original Product and Fast Delivery

  68. Vishal

    Good experience bafter using many face wash

  69. Arun

    This is the only best product in the market for face wash

  70. KONDALA R.

    Received a damaged product..waste of money

  71. Raman

    It gives immediate glow and clear face completly.

  72. Rahul Chaudhary

    If you have normal oily skin then it’s best product for you, make your face look fresh, no acne issue at all, fell so natural.

  73. Saurabh Vadher

    Nice item

  74. Arvind

    Good 😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  75. Akash Kapoor (verified owner)

    Good quality, sturdy packaging.

  76. Divya Rajput (verified owner)

    High-quality product, excellent service.

  77. Sameer Kapoor (verified owner)

    Worth the money, top-notch.

  78. Meera Joshi (verified owner)

    Money well invested, quality assured.

  79. Ananya Kapoor (verified owner)

    Well-packed, quality exceeded expectations.

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