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Janaab Water Based Men Lubricant prevents unwanted friction during sex and enhances the bliss of the exalted moments.

Also, there are times when you have to foreplay out of sheer necessity & your objectives include the complete contentment of your partner. And Janaab Water Based Men Intimate Lubricant is an unparalleled product in the personal-care category.

Janaab Lubricant that leaves no stains on the clothes. This personal lubricant is useful in all types of sex; penetrative & masturbation by the hand.

Janaab Water Based Men Lubricant Info:

Janaab being a water-based lube, does not damage the condom during sex. Therefore, this intimate product keeps you free from any psychological fear and helps you to enjoy those sublime moments without any psychic tension.

Try Janaab Water Based Men Lubricant  and experience friction-free all-round better sex naturally with a smoother & silky feeling – no matter whether you associate it with a condom or not.

With Janaab for Men, she needs no lube for her. During vaginal sex, Janaab works as a natural lubricant and prevents discomfort by lubing the vagina.

Flavor: Vanilla, Strawberry

Type: Water-based


  1. Dry personal parts
  2. Discomfort during sex
  3. You’re supposed to be out the door without taking much time

Use: Penetrative, Vaginal & Oral Sex

Ingredients used in Janaab Water Based Men Lubricant:

  1. Pentylene Glycol: Pentylene Glycol provides a silky and pleasant feeling during body-to-body or latex / rubber-body touch. It’s a moisturizing agent and also a broad-spectrum antimicrobial.
  2. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a natural lubricant and rich in many good health properties. It’s antioxidant and antimicrobial also.
  3. Sodium Levulinate: Sodium Levulinate, a sodium salt of levulinic acid, is a skin conditioner and skin softener. It softens the hard & dry skin.
  4. Lactic Acid: Lactic Acid works as a moisturizer and keeps the skin moist.


Manufactured by: Bio Avenues
D-29, Industrial Focal Point,
Derabassi (PB.) – 140507, India
Mfg. Lic. No.: 143-Cos.-Pb.
Marketed by: Janaab Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
SCO 5-6, Wadhwa Nagar, Near Hotel SUnpark,
Kalka Highway, Zirakpur (Chandigarh),
Punjab, India

Additional information

Weight .11 kg


90 reviews for Janaab Water Based Men Lubricant (2 Flavour)

  1. Sushil Kumar Mishra


    I like this item and working smoothly

  2. Surya Prakash Dobhal

    Best in the market!

    This is superb product for happy life, Experience long lasting and comfortable intimate moments by using this. Easy applying, long lasting, water based formula not harmful. Fully satisfied with this.

  3. Ashok Ghosh

    Mind-blowing purchase

    Awesome product

  4. Kirat Singh

    Just wow!

    This product is very best. Thanks for bold care
    I satisfying by use of this product.

  5. Jaswant

    Classy product

    Very good product

  6. Anand Dubey

    Best in the market!

    It’s one of the best lube

  7. Ehsan hassan

    Great product

    Perfect for the job it does. Must try. This bottle is small but is enough for multiple times. also since its water based lubricant , keep some water handy to regenerate the lubricant once it gets dry.

  8. Riya Khokher


    Very good product..👍

  9. Rajesh sharma

    Great product

    Best product

  10. Hirdesh gupta


    Very nice proudest but taste is very bad

  11. M.Theebamoorthi

    Must buy!

    Good product

  12. Niraj Gupta

    Worth every penny

    Super to small it’s ok

  13. Rajesh Kumar maurya

    Really Nice

    Good product. Very useful

  14. Shashikant kumar

    Classy product

    Worth of money

  15. Anish Choudhary


    Good product….Verry verry verry good

  16. Mandeep Singh

    Worth every penny

    Very useful Product , Go for it

  17. Bharat singh shekhawat


    Super. I think you must try it. She satisfied I swear

  18. Bhushan katara

    Mind-blowing purchase

    Very nice

  19. Inderpal Singh


    Amazing product.

  20. Aman Luthra

    Classy product

    Super 🥰😊😋best for Sax

  21. Alimullah


    Ok kind product.
    It does not last for long, need to apply in every few seconds. If not apply within few minutes, then You will feel dry.

  22. Rakesh Singh

    Must buy!

    Buyed this to boost my personal time, its is a very good lube with a nice smell and lubrication value for money

  23. Vijay

    Must buy!

    Good product…

  24. Vivek

    Perfect product!

    Very nice costumer happy

  25. Harish Kumar singh

    Fragrance Mind-Blowing

    great Working, easy to wipe after use, packing also safe

  26. Virbhadra hatte

    Just wow!

    Nice product

  27. Naushad


    Nice product 👌

  28. Ravi sardar


    Awesome to feel👌

  29. Shamim Ahmed


    Good prodect👊👊👊

  30. Sanjay kumar

    Nice aroma and quality item. Great to surprise your partner with a fruity fragrance and it helps to enjoy special moments. It is like water and will provide a natural like feel. No side effects so another amazing thing. Nice item.

  31. Devajyoti

    Does the job


  32. Mithilesh gupta

    Great product

    Good product

  33. Pankaj Sharma

    This lubricant is too good . It is totally skin friendly . It’s fragrance is also attractive . Its big advantage is that it is silicon free and also one more advantage is that it is water based lubricant . I loved applying it . It is long lasting and great feeling .

  34. Raju reddy

    Very Good

    Nice but it’s very much liquid from like water.

  35. Kadar

    Quality of this lube was too good and the fragnance was very strong and good. I had apply for a body massage with my partner and believe me it gives a warm and good sensation feel while applying. It get absorbs in body after some time. Overall it was a worth product.

  36. rajib khanra

    Must buy!

    Skin friendly product.
    No chemicals and very gentle on skin.
    Quality is nice.
    Loved using it.
    Very much recommended.

  37. Abhishek Pandey

    Decent product

    Not so good….doesn’t maintain its consistency for long

  38. Avdhesh


    Best quality lube i bought 2 times well worked

  39. Sumit Verma

    Perfect product!

    Very useful product

  40. Jagdeep singh

    Worth every penny

    very good product, gentle on skin, no irritation or rashes, easily removable by plane water, nice experience

  41. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    Must buy!

    It’s very fine & smooth product. Vanilla aroma is feeling much better than other oily products.womens feels very comfortable during intercourse.awsome

  42. Amit kumar ghosh

    Worth every penny

    Super product i buy this 3rd time super

  43. Dilip Patel


    Good product. You can definitely go for it.

  44. Rupesh sharma


    The Janaab Lube range is pretty great. I’ve tried almost three variants till date and they are all equally good. The best part with Janaab Lube Vanilla is the fruity smell… Girls tend to like it more….

  45. Chaudhary Mahesh


    Feels enormously sexy n comfortable for anal …very nice fragrance

  46. Zubair Ahmad Khan


    The product is awsome, you should defiantly buy it.

  47. Indarchand Magan Koli

    Perfect product!

    This product is good and best in its price segment.

  48. Sachin Patil

    Classy product

    Best product the duration of lubrication is long 😍😍😍

  49. Prasad

    Just wow!

    Ddnt like the smell of strawberry, vanilla was better

  50. Ravi Gupta

    Best in the market!

    Product quality is great with good price. Love speedy service. Product is new by date .

  51. Amit Pathak

    Really Nice


  52. Umesh Kumar

    Terrific purchase

    Very good, long lasting

  53. Ayjaz

    This lube does what it says,completely water based. A little amount is quite sufficient and long-lasting. A must have for sure.

  54. Ashish Mashru


    great flavour

  55. Sonu

    Mind-blowing purchase

    Super fine products

  56. Manoj Gaur


    Nice aroma and quality item. Great to surprise your partner with a fruity fragrance and it helps to enjoy special moments. It is like water and will provide a natural like feel. No side effects so another amazing thing. Nice item.

  57. Ranjan Kumar Swain

    Love the fragrance and feel.

  58. Ravish Yadav


    It’s excellent gel to use personally as well as for main course !! Smell awesome and few drops enough to make you feel sensation . Easily washable with water in sec. Finally i will recomand this to all . Go ahead and get ride of fraction between you and yours love

  59. Vikas mishra

    Classy product

    Ultimate product and awesome experience… Really a wonderful product … what a pleasure … very reasonable price… I think one should try this product….

  60. Awdhesh Sharma

    Best in the market!


  61. Joykrishna Bhunia

    Really awesome smell and great feel. The box was build great and had no damages. Their supportive words written on the box are amazing. The products works well, lubrication was excellent and smell was pleasant. Did not tried the edibility, rest it was great new experience. Worth a try if you have never used before. Tip: Use multiple flavours, try the variety, check what suits you and enjoy.

  62. Manish Kumar

    Highly recommended


  63. Aryan



  64. Sivanandhan

    Mind-blowing purchase

    It’s a must have in your bucket list, if you are having for first time. Trust me it works like a magic and it has a pleasant smell.

  65. Sachin Sharma

    This lube is great. Easy to use and very effective. It has mild strawberry fragrance. Useful product at such decent price 😊

  66. Susshat

    Very good product
    Affordable price
    Skin free
    Natural product

  67. Susheel jaiswal

    Good choice


  68. Amar Singh Yadav

    Worth the money

    Good product but it becomes dry soon

  69. Muneeb-ur-Rehman

    Love That Strawberry Flavour Vibes.

  70. Rajganesh


    For couples it is a must have in their bed room drawers. The lube is very effective and helps tremendously in penetration even if you are going in her for the first time. Makes life easy and sex enjoyable.

  71. Amit Kumar Verma

    Just okay


  72. Gurpreet Singh


    Very useful product after applying its becomes so hot🔥… Also easy washable. Partner is very happy😄😃😁.

  73. Ak soni


    good product

  74. Manoj kumar jain

    Good packaging along with maintaining privacy.

  75. Ramesh Ranja

    Me and my wife love this one, we really can not find it anywhere now a days, so we decided just to order it lol

  76. Balaji



  77. Dr Chandna



  78. Zishan khan

    Very Good

    Verry nice product paise wasul thanks you so much

  79. Swadesh Banerjee


    Excellent product

  80. Sandy

    I really liked this vanilla flavor lubricant from Janaab. Quality is very good and I loved the packaging.

  81. Rohit Lakhani

    Best in the market!

    My favourite- I’ve been using it for quite some time now, my third bottle’s almost over.. I love to use it every time!! 😉

  82. Devraj

    Worth every penny

    Really amazing product 🥰 we are very happy to use this product 😊 no side effects ☺️ our time is very much improved to use this amazing lubricants 👍
    Thank you Janaab Lifestyle 🥰 Always our 1st choice was Janaab product 😋 From now add one more products in our list 😚

  83. Sunil kumar

    Just wow!

    Gifted this product on my friends wedding. Need to ask him if he really liked or not.

  84. MD Aftab Alam


    slippery :p non sticky

  85. Amit Pal

    It makes the skin really smooth and facilitates the penetration. Earlier, I just took help of saliva but this lubricant definitely is way better than that. It doesn’t make you feel any pain. The brand Janaab has lived up to its expectation and I’m not going to try another brand in near future because I’m genuinely satisfied.

  86. Aarav Sharma (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, exceptional quality.

  87. Varun Yadav (verified owner)

    Quality product, reliable service.

  88. Anjali Mehra (verified owner)

    Well-packed, quality exceeded expectations.

  89. Sameer Kapoor (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, excellent quality.

  90. Maya Sengupta (verified owner)

    Great service, quality guaranteed.

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