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The skin on the neck can be thicker and drier than the rest of the body because of lack of desquamation (the normal skin renewal process) Skin is more delicate than on the face, so opt for a scrub specifically formulated for this area, and make sure it’s not too abrasive. The skin on the elbows can be prone to dryness, roughness, and darkening, making exfoliation and hydration beneficial. Use Janaab’s Neck and Elbow Scrub with fine granules crafted with our hero ingredients like Neem, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Rosy Mary and Arnica especially for you. When selecting a scrub or exfoliating product, it’s essential to choose one appropriate for your skin type and to avoid excessive scrubbing

Here are the potential benefits of using Janaab’s Neck and elbow scrub

Helps to Remove Tan and Dark Sports  : Turmeric is known to bring a natural glow to the body, brighten dark spots and combat aging skin. Your skin will feel very soft and refreshed after using Janaab’s Neck and Elbow  scrub

Removes Dead Skin Cell: Neem contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and carotenoids which helps to slough off dead skin cells, promoting smoother and healthier skin.

Improves Skin Texture: Regular exfoliation with Janaab’s Neck and elbow scrub can contribute to a smoother and more even skin texture, reducing rough patches and dryness.

Enhances Blood Circulation: The massaging action involved in scrubbing can stimulate blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

Prevents Ingrown Hairs: Scrubbing can help prevent ingrown hairs, especially in areas where the hair tends to be thicker, like the neck.

Boosts Absorption of Skincare Products: By removing dead skin cells, exfoliating allows other skincare products to penetrate the skin more effectively.

Brightens the Skin: Aloe vera contain naturally occurring enzymes,vitamins C and E, minerals, and amino acids that provide gentle exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover for a smoother complexion.

Softens Rough Skin: The skin on elbows can become rough and calloused. Regular use of an elbow scrub may help soften and smoothen the rough patches.

How to use :Thoroughly cleanse the décolletage area. Massage the entire area with Janaab’s Neck and elbow Scrub which helps in exfoliating the dead cells and makes way for more healthy cells. Wash off the scrub preferably with lukewarm water. Pat dry the skin.



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